Ganpathi ........

Actually this year ganpathi was very special for me as it was 11th year from i started placing the ganpathi at my kandivali home.

As i use to enjoy the ganpathi every year at dadar(Grand Parents home). But i want to keep ganpathi at my place.

And now this is 11 years pass.

So this was a 11th year and was a special for me atleast so the planning has started from last year as what to do on this year

But fortunately just 4 days before ganpathi i got hospitalized and i was not able to get well on ganpathi.

But my mom, my cousin brother (sudhanshu) & my one of the best friend(Nishant) make this ganpathi possible, i know that want kind of work they have done to make this ganpathi successful mostly mom but all of them also as they to look me at hospital and then to preparation of ganpathi.

I can understand at what level of stress and tension those all were be.

And finally ganpathi came hoem because of these all people, as mostly this people has work for ganpathi but all many other people was there to help, as my friend and all.

The puja of my ganpathi ( now i can't say this as my ganpathi as now this is all's ganapthi) is been done by sudhanshu. And finally ganpathi is at home and i was at hospital.
Doctor told me that u can go for ganapthi's puja and come back, but i was not feeling well so i can't make it and i refused to go for puja.

This how all the hard work of all the people who has worked together to make ganpathi happen is this what you see.

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