Experimented Panorama

Ths is my first outdoor photos i have clicked with my new D SLR camera, as we all friends we suppose to go for the ride to lonavala so we decided to get early morning by 03.00 get fresh and by 03.30 to 04.00 we should leave the place to go lonavala and we sleep.
At 03.00 my cell phone alarm rings and i tried to wake up everyone but no one was getting up so finally at 04.00 i left to lonavala alone........was a fun to ride early morning as i was alone i didn't stop at single place, a 2.30 hours of ride i reach lonavala now what
so just seat at the eage of the mountain for 2 hours and just thinking some things with the help of nature. It was cold in lonavala so i had a kandha bhaji & tea for the break fast and left the lonavala

This is the long panorama i tried first time in my life from ghat as it covers Duke's Nose to Mumbai - Pune Express Highway.

And finally with the Drashan of Mhad Ganpathi i was at mumbai by 11.oo, was a nice short trip.

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