My new Camera (Canon 400 D)

I got the new Canon 400 D 3 weeks back and now i am in the process of learning to use it
As i was using the manual SLR (Nikon FM 10) which is all the good camera and after a long planning i got the Canon 400 D it was a long jump from manual SLR to D SLR
And all this for Time Pass, i am not at all a Pro Photographer, i just like to click photos that's it.
It was very hard to make a decision to buy D SLR , as for hobbies it is to expensive but finally i make a mind to buy it
Some people said why so expensive camera, still i decided to buy D SLR and once this is done then which D SLR
Now starts the search on internet, discussions with friends who do photography and many peoples. Out of this discussion few D SLR are sorted on the bases of cost & features and those are
  • Nikon D 40 & D 80 i like Nikon D 200 but it was out of budget, so it was dropped
  • Canon 350 D & Canon 400 D
  • Sony A 100
and finally Canon 400 D is decided.

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