This is an example photo click by me to show pratham hows my new camera results look like, as he want to see some pics clicked by camera and i have just formated the memory.
So there was no pics in the camera and this photo i have clicked to show him the results.

Pratham at kandivali

As i was suppose to go to pune for my personal work and because to few problem i was not able to make it out.
Sudden i got a call from pratham to asked me that can we go to my kandivali place to just talk and relax on sunday.
As usual i carried my new DSLR to shown him and we both have done TP by clicking many pics
So these are the few for them.

The experiment by me .......

Experimented Panorama

Ths is my first outdoor photos i have clicked with my new D SLR camera, as we all friends we suppose to go for the ride to lonavala so we decided to get early morning by 03.00 get fresh and by 03.30 to 04.00 we should leave the place to go lonavala and we sleep.
At 03.00 my cell phone alarm rings and i tried to wake up everyone but no one was getting up so finally at 04.00 i left to lonavala alone........was a fun to ride early morning as i was alone i didn't stop at single place, a 2.30 hours of ride i reach lonavala now what
so just seat at the eage of the mountain for 2 hours and just thinking some things with the help of nature. It was cold in lonavala so i had a kandha bhaji & tea for the break fast and left the lonavala

This is the long panorama i tried first time in my life from ghat as it covers Duke's Nose to Mumbai - Pune Express Highway.

And finally with the Drashan of Mhad Ganpathi i was at mumbai by 11.oo, was a nice short trip.

My new Camera (Canon 400 D)

I got the new Canon 400 D 3 weeks back and now i am in the process of learning to use it
As i was using the manual SLR (Nikon FM 10) which is all the good camera and after a long planning i got the Canon 400 D it was a long jump from manual SLR to D SLR
And all this for Time Pass, i am not at all a Pro Photographer, i just like to click photos that's it.
It was very hard to make a decision to buy D SLR , as for hobbies it is to expensive but finally i make a mind to buy it
Some people said why so expensive camera, still i decided to buy D SLR and once this is done then which D SLR
Now starts the search on internet, discussions with friends who do photography and many peoples. Out of this discussion few D SLR are sorted on the bases of cost & features and those are
  • Nikon D 40 & D 80 i like Nikon D 200 but it was out of budget, so it was dropped
  • Canon 350 D & Canon 400 D
  • Sony A 100
and finally Canon 400 D is decided.