My Car.........(Indica)

The car (Indica Dlx 2003),
From long time i was planning to buy at least a second hand car so that i can take my mom to all the places nearby mumbai as she cant be on the bike. So lets go for the car was decided by both mom and me, finally i am able to convinced my mom.
And also there was another reason for the car was Ganpathi...... as i every i get a ganpathi from lalbag which is quit long from my kandivali house nearly 35 KM so i have asked my every frineds for the car to get the ganpathi and every one is not free every year so i have to face many problems related to the car
So last year at the time of ganpathi i have just thought that next year ganpathi will come home from my own car as my ganpathi's 11th year is there (which is this year), so i have started to search the car from last October but was not able to get a good and proper feasible deal.
And after a long search finally i have decide that i can't effort the car because i can pay so much money for the car loan installment so i dropped the plan of get the new car and eventually of used car also.
After a long silence in my life about the car finally on one sunday me and pratham was at my kandivali's home just seating and doing time pass, suddenly my moushi(Mother's sister) call me and asked that will you buy my car, so i said i am interested but first let me have a talk with mom and then will call you.And after a long discussion about car with mom and me finally i said yes to maushi
Then start for loan searching and all the process which is done in a month,in between the process if the loan i have to take home the car from maushi as per the time suitable give to me. This suitable time is decided as per the star's help and good time for me, actually i don't believe on this all things but my mom as well as maushi wants me to do so and finally i have to follow this all even if i dont have a faith on this things as i just want a car in any ways.
After a long process of loan i finally i got the loan amount a week back and immediately i have paid it to kaka(maushi's husband).
Now this is my car and just waiting it to be transfered on my name legally.That's it.