Save the Tigers.............Please...............

NDTV India has a petition going on called "Save the Tiger". Its very
simple, they plan on approaching the Prime Minister to Declare and
emergency and make Tiger Conservation the Federal Governments
responsibility. With other things as well.

In India, the number of wild tigers has gone down from 40,000 in the
early 90's to approximately 1400 in 07.

It is really simple, Please take a minute of your time, click on the
link below and sign up

Marathi Tp yar....................

Difference between boys and girls while using ATM......


1. Drive to the bank, park and go to the Cash Dispenser.

2. Insert card

3. Dial code and desired amount

4. Take the cash, the card and the slip


1. Drive to the bank

2. Engine stalled

3. Check make-up in the mirror

4. Apply perfume

5. Manually check haircut

6. Park the car - failure

7. Park the car - failure

8. Park the car - Success

9. Search for the card in the handbag

10. Insert card, rejected by the machine

11. Throw phone card back in handbag,

12. Look for bank card.

13. Insert Card

14. Look for Secret Box (where secret code is written) in Handbag

15. Enter code

16. Study instructions for 2 minutes

17. #Cancel#

18. Re-enter code

19. #Cancel#

20. Call Boyfriend/husband to get correct the code

21. Enter desired amount

22. #Error#

23. Enter bigger amount

24. #Error#

25. Enter maximum amount

26. Cross fingers

27. Take cash

28. Go back to the car

29. Check make up in rear mirror

30. Look for keys in handbag

31. Start car

32. Drive 50 meters

33. STOP

34. Drive back to bank machine

35. Go out of the car

36. Take card and ticket back from machine

37. Go back to the car

38. Throw card on passenger seat

39. Throw slip on the floor

40. Check make up in rear mirror

41. Manually check haircut

42. Go into roundabout - wrong way


44. Go into roundabout - right way

45. Drive 5 kilometers

46. Remove hand brake

47. Call boyfriend/husband to tell how miserable she was because of HIM.